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It may be an unpopular opinion (especially for 2022), but I love the start of the new year. I love the potential of new beginnings, and the opportunity to become a better version of me! I know many people see resolutions as something you either conquer or fail, but I see them as an opportunity to re-evaluate, to grow and to make progress towards who I want to be. To me resolutions are less about what I will or won’t do, and more about how I want to spend my time and energy in a new year. Here are a few of my resolutions for 2022:


There are a few things I’m resolving to do less of this year. Not because the tasks can be ignored, but because I will be outsourcing them. After years of consideration, we are hiring some regular cleaning help around the house. This is something I have agonized over – mostly because I felt shame about needing the help and worry that I would be judged for taking it. I realize being able to do this is a luxury that not everyone has (and it is a luxury for us!). But my husband and I both agree that it is the right answer for us. Finally doing it will lighten my mental load (how much energy have I spent just THINKING about this topic?!), and knowing the bathrooms are clean and the floors are mopped semi-regularly will allow me to better focus on other tasks I want to accomplish! I also continue to work on outsourcing some tasks to our kids. It is so easy to do everything for them, but their help in small tasks can really make all the difference in how much time I have in my day. As they get older, it also seems important that they leave this nest confident in their own abilities to feed and take care of themselves! By the end of 2022 I also hope to outsource some Hive duties that would be better in the hands of experts, like the website and billing.

New Skills

There are a few things I’d like to practice in 2022. I’d love to work on my photography skills because while I will always have need for a great photographer for my portfolio it would be helpful and fulfilling if I could produce some quality images on my own. I also recently finished an online staging course and am looking forward to some other trainings throughout the year!


In 2022 I’d really like to simplify some of my processes to make work run smoother! A friend recently shared a great tip - she sets a monthly calendar in addition to daily and weekly tasks. I already set up January’s schedule, and I think it may be a game changer for me!

There are a few things that bring joy into my life but can get left by the wayside in the busyness of our days. So, I hope to refocus by making my health and happiness a bigger priority in 2022. I plan to drink more water, get more sleep, baby my skin, and read (a book, not tweets!) every day. I’d like to purchase at least one piece of one-of-a-kind art and be more regular with journaling.

Do you love or hate resolutions? Any plans to outsource or insource? What are your 2022 goals?

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