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My Story

Hi I'm Jaimee!  For as long as I can remember, design has been a part of my life.  And whether I was working as a cake decorator or as a retail merchandiser, interior design was always my passion.  In fact one of my earliest memories is visiting my grandma's new house for the very first time.  My Nani had beautiful taste and she proudly showed off her new home to our family.  But she paused at one space, explaining that the tile (which she hated) would stay since it was, "really nice tile".  Even as a little girl, I couldn't understand why she would live with something that she hated.

And although my personal style has changed a lot since I was seven, my design philosophy hasn't; 

everyone deserves to love their space

So whether you're in your first apartment or your forever home, whether you are looking for a full remodel or a minor refresh, whether you are living with hand-me-down furniture, or pets or toddlers or any other design dilemma you deserve to love your space.  And I'd love to help you get there!


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