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My work from home office is finally complete, and I think I will just let the pictures do the talking!

The biggest impact here literally came in the smallest package - the terrazzo style wall decals! And I'll be honest - with the first few stickers I DEFINITELY wasn't feeling it, and nearly abandoned the idea. But here's the thing; it's just design! I nearly missed out on a really cool, unique space because I was taking myself too damn seriously! This was such a fun, easy addition and I'm so glad I gave it a try. And the best part is when its starts to feel tired, they can be completely removed without any damage.

Having my most used staging accessories within arms' reach is so convenient.

The real work horse of this project are the IKEA cabinets! Closed storage is my love language, and this simple solution from Besta is totally customizable, giving me plenty of space for client files, office supplies, paint kits, staging accessories and even some room to spare. I had originally planned on adding dramatic gold hardware, but after putting everything together I'm leaning toward staying with the sleek look of a hidden closure.

This art and chair were both sale finds at Target! The floor lamp was previously in our living room.

This isn't the largest space, measuring roughly 10x10 but it was spacious enough to allow for a comfortable seating space. This cozy boucle chair is most often a perch for my cat, but she's a pretty quiet office mate so it's working so far.

In my last blog post, I talked a little bit about the "why" of this makeover. Since so much of my work is in-home with clients, I am lucky that the rest of my work can be done from my own home - I just needed a better space to do it! My primary needs for a workspace were storage and counterspace, plus good lighting. Changing this space from a guest room to a dedicated home office just made good sense. Having this dedicated space has already allowed me to be more productive and focused. Even more than that, investing the time and money into myself and my business feels like another big step in

I was previously working from the craft desk in my laundry room. Cute, but not exactly functional.

developing Hive Interiors. I'm so grateful for all my clients letting me create beautiful spaces for them, and it felt really good to do that for myself as well.

And speaking of investing and being a new business, I really wanted to get big impact for a small budget, and I think I did it! The most important piece of any office - the desk - I already had. While marketplace and estate sales can be a little bit unpredictable, this time I really lucked out finding some great pieces; the desk chair, lamp and rug were all second-hand purchases. Some of the accessories came from my personal stash, and I scored some good deals from The Container Store and Target.

This large bowl from Target is perfect for holding paint decks.

Here's a quick budget and material breakdown:

Paint : $35.00

Desk: $189.00

Cabinetry: $420.00

Desk Chair (marketplace): $40.00

Desk Lamp (marketplace): $30.00

Rug (estate sale): $50.00

Wall Decals (Target, in-store only): $10.00

Floor Lamp: $80.00

Accessories: $150.00

TOTAL: $1350.00

If you can't tell by my excessive use of exclamation points (!) I LOVE how everything turned out!!! How many of you are still working from home? Is your space functioning for you? What are your home office must-haves? I'd love to hear from you if you need help transforming your space!

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