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Do the Shuffle!

I wasn’t entirely sure what I should call this post (I considered “Doing the Bedroom Boogie”, but I thought that could attract the wrong kind of readers 😉). Whatever you call it, I think lots of you may have done what is currently happening here – moving furniture, or rooms to best fit your current needs.

Through a lucky confabulation of events, I am in the position to turn our guest bedroom into a dedicated office all for me! This will be a game changer, since I’ve currently been working out of my crafting desk in our laundry room. Yup, the LAUNDRY ROOM. It’s hard to complain, because I definitely feel lucky to be able to work from home. But even in the short period of time I’ve been taking clients I’ve outgrown the space, and lack of workspace and organization have really affected how much I can accomplish every day. You can see my office plan over on Instagram (and I’ll have more to say about it here in a few weeks!) But today I wanted to talk about what else this update set into motion – an update to my youngest son’s bedroom!

I’m not going to lie you guys; I was unexpectedly emotional about this change! Dude’s bedroom has

His nursery from our first house was so tiny, but so cute!

always been one of my favorite spaces and has remained pretty consistent his whole life. We've only made minor changes in decor and theme in his whole twelve years. In fact, his dresser and bookcase were both part of his original suite of nursery furniture. Moving in a full-size bed meant we had to evaluate what should stay and what should go.

Luckily the bedframe that we have is a vintage brass bed that belonged to my great-grandmother and is probably the closest thing to a family heirloom that I have. It looks beautiful with my son’s traditional black furniture, so those items were able to stay. We did have to relocate his really awesome antique Wells Fargo desk, which we moved to my oldest son’s room. I hope when he comes home from school he likes it, because that sucker is heavy and awkward and so we're never moving it again!

The day we viewed our house, after we moved in, and the most recent changes.

Obviously, a larger bed also meant all new bedding. Bedding is the best way to inject personality in a bedroom and 12-year-olds are FULL of personality! He still has lots of the same interests as he did a year ago, but I know that can (and probably will!) change at any moment. So, I wanted to mature his room a little bit while still making sure it felt personal and special to him right now. I found some lovely classic striped bedding from Pottery Barn and re-ordered the exact same baseball sheets he used on his twin bed. I may be biased, but the baseball prints I made for his room a few years ago still look great, and now they can hang right over his bed. This satisfies his desire for a “baseball” room now but gives me peace of mind knowing that when he decides he wants something new those changes will be easy and less expensive.

All done! As soon as he throws his clothes on the floor instead of the hamper, it will feel like home.

We still have some work to do -this is the only view I could show because there are piles of "stuff" everywhere-, but all the furniture is set and most of the wall décor has been placed. My son has done a great job working with me to clear out some of the clutter and “kid stuff” that he wasn’t using anymore. And I think he was ready for more room to spread out – he woke up this morning on his own (I usually need to drag him out of bed!) and when I asked him how he slept he said, “Great. I don’t think I even moved once.” Forget sleeping like a baby, I wish I slept like a 12-year-old boy. 😉


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